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Sidify Brings Major Updates to Sidify Music Converter for Windows V1.2.7

NEW YORK, June 5, 2018 -- Sidify Inc. brought major updates to Sidify Music Converter Windows version 1.2.7. From this edition, the user experiences would be highly enhanced, because Sidify developers added some new features like improving the function of "Keep Output Organized”, adding intelligent conversion mode, etc.

Above all, Sidify took a quick action within a half day to fully fix the issue that Sidify Music Converter failed to analyze Spotify song or playlist links, and this issue was caused by something changed suddenly from Spotify itself. Users feedbacks are always highly cherished, and do not hesitate to contact the support team to report the problem you encountered.

What New in this Version 1.2.7?

1. Sidify Music Converter for Windows adopted new interface now. From version 1.2.7, the new interface would be adopted to improve the operating performance and application stability. The new look continued to be clean and intuitive, and all the features were well-presented for easy-to-use.

New main interface

2. Support adding music by copying the link of playlist or song to clipboard. If you are tired of copying and pasting multiple links, congratulations, now you can directly add Spotify music on Spotify by right-clicking on a song or playlist link and choose "Share" to copy song or playlist link, then the track or playlist will be added to program automatically.

Add Spotify music to clipboard

3. Conversion settings improved by adding Intelligent Mode. Users can choose Intelligent Mode to improve the conversion capabilities and avoid the error of conversion failures in some circumstances.

Intelligent conversion mode

4. The function of "Keep Output Organized" was strengthened. Compared to the previous version which can only save the converted music into Artist/Album folder if the box of "Keep output folder organized" checked, and now Sidify Music Converter strengthened this feature. It supports to save the converted Spotify music into more organized folders like "Artist", "Album", "Artist/Album" or "Album/Artist". Otherwise, the audio will saved into one folder automatically after conversion.

Keep output organized

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