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Sidify Apple Music Converter Windows V3.0.0 Released to Add New Interface and Some Features

NEW YORK, June 5, 2018 -- Sidify Inc. updated its Apple Music Converter Windows to version 3.0.0 on May 28, 2018 for providing a smoother and more user-friendly program experience for Apple Music Windows users. This was a major update in which a brand new interface was adopted and some important features including "Hide Converted" and "Hide iCloud Files" were added.

What’s New in the Version 3.0.0

Firstly, Sidify development team adopted a whole new user interface for Sidify Apple Music Converter. The use of new interface has two main purposes: one is for achieving a more beautiful and reasonable features layout planning, and the other is for improving the program stability to ensure the maximum extent of the conversion's effectiveness.

Nre interface of Sidify Apple Music Converter

The new feature "Hide Converted" was added in the Version 3.0.0. This feature will be presented when selecting music from iTunes Library, and users can check the box of "Hide Converted" to hide the music files they converted before, thus users do not need to take time to repeatedly convert same music.

Hide Converted Apple Music files

"Hide iCloud Files" was added to make Sidify Apple Music Converter more User-friendly. Users can find this selection on the adding window besides the box of "Hide Converted". If the box of "Hide iCloud Files" unchecked, the music files purchased from iTunes store or Apple Music which labeled with iCloud Download icon icon will be listed in the list. But Sidify Apple Music Converter will not convert these iCloud music files, and users need to be back to iTunes and click "iCloud Download" button to download these music files to computer. If this selection checked, these iCloud music files will not be shown on the list, and users just need to customize the settings they prefer and start the conversion directly.

Key Features of Sidify Apple Music Converter

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