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Free Download Justin Bieber's Top Music & Music Videos

Justin Bieber always brings us his new great works in these years, which let us to witness his growth. The Purpose on 2015 is a big success in my mind, regardless of the achievements it obtains, we see a really different Justin Bieber. The song Love Yourself in this album was my personal favorite. So this article looks back the best Justin Bieber songs and show you how to get free downloads of his songs and albums from Spotify, as well as music videos from YouTube and other sites.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's Studio Albums from 2010 to 2021

  • 1. My World 2.0 (March 19, 2010)
  • 2. Under the Mistletoe (November 1, 2011)
  • 3. Believe (June 15, 2012)
  • 4. Purpose (November 13, 2015)
  • 5. Changes (February 14, 2020)
  • 6. Justice (March 19, 2021)

Enjoy Top Music of Justin Bieber on Spotify

1. Love Yourself

  • Album: Purpose
  • Released: November 9, 2015
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Love Yourself ♫
  • Introduction: It was written by Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco and Bieber. And it's an overly-simple tune, mostly just Bieber and an acoustic guitar with a bit of trumpet thrown in for good measure.
Love Yourself

2. Sorry

  • Album: Purpose
  • Released: October 23, 2015
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Sorry ♫
  • Introduction: Sorry is the peak of the Purpose album in some sense. Thinly veiled as an amorous apology, he's just laying it all out over an infectious rhythm with a hook that can't be denied.

3. Where Are Ü Now

  • Album: Purpose
  • Released: February 27, 2015
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Where Are Ü Now ♫
  • Introduction: The work with Jack Ü helped solidify Bieber's new sound as an adult pop star. It's more grown-up, but it's still got that sheen of candy-colored fantasy. It is truly a milestone in the pop-dance crossover canon.
Where Are Ü Now

4. Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber

  • Album: Encore (2016)- DJ Snake
  • Released: August 5, 2016
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Love Me Love You ♫
  • Introduction: Let Me Love You is one of those pop songs we hear and instantly want to hear again. It's got that same wonky horn synth from “Lean On,” and it's got all the dreamy falsetto a young heart can handle. Bieber had a huge part in the song's success, indeed.
Let Me Love You

5. Cold Water feat. Justin Bieber & MØ

  • Album: Music Is the Weapon (2017) - Major Lazer
  • Released: July 22, 2016
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Cold Water ♫
  • Introduction: As one of the leading dance music vocalists, Bieber keeps to make amaze. This collaboration with Major Lazer is a great follow-up to the work he did with Jack Ü. Cold Water got a bit of that dancehall flavor Major Lazer is known for, but it's still one of the poppiest works from the trio to date.
Cold Water

6. What Do You Mean

  • Album: Purpose
  • Released: August 28, 2015
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ What Do You Mean ♫
  • Introduction: This music is amazing when saw it at the first time. It is a pop and tropical house song, with its instrumentation consisting in light flourishes of panpipes, looped vocal samples, piano chords and so on elements with the sound of a clock ticking. And it is also one of the best on album Purpose.
Where Are Ü Now

7. Baby

  • Album: My World 2.0
  • Released: January 18, 2010
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Baby ♫
  • Introduction: Baby may have been your tweenage little sister's favorite jam and your dad's least favorite song of 2010, but acutually it is a great pop tune. he stole our hearts at that tender teen age.

8. Beauty and a Beat

  • Album: Believe
  • Released: December 11, 2012
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Beauty and a Beat ♫
  • Introduction: Actually, it represents Bieber's first strong step onto the dance music. and it is so impressive. "The new song continues Justin's quest to grow up and be taken more seriously as an artist".
Beauty and a Beat

9. Boyfriend

  • Album: Believe
  • Released: March 26, 2012
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Boyfriend ♫
  • Introduction: Boyfriend can be regared as the turning point from teenage hearthrob to adult-ready pop star. Bieber's vocals is highlighted by the lower sound instrumentation. It is still worthy of being listened to closely today.

10. Company

  • Album: Purpose
  • Released: November 14, 2015
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Company ♫
  • Introduction: Company is a good pop song. It talks about looking forward to getting to know someone attractive, but also sets some healthy distance for doing so.

How to Free Download Justin Bieber's Music from Spotify

If you are also Justin Bieber's fan and want to download and keep his songs on your devices as your own without worrying about canceling the subscription, you can try Sidify Music Converter. It is a powerful program that helps you save songs from Spotify music and download Justin Bieber's music from Spotify in MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF formats, and all ID3 tags and metadata will also be preserved successfully. In this way, you can enjoy all Justin Bieber's music whenever and wherever you want.

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How to Free Download Justin Bieber's Music Videos from YouTube

If you want to free download Justin Bieber's music videos for offline enjoyment from YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo or other music video sharing websites, you can't miss Any Video Converter Free, with which you can easily download Justin Bieber's music videos, edit these music videos as you like or burn them to DVD Disc without any limitation. Downloading music directly is also perfectly supported.

Perhaps what impressed us the most was his early pop song – Baby, which he recorded when he was still a boy seven years ago. This single was regarded as one of the most-viewed, but also the most disliked on YouTube. But this was the first song that brought Justin Bieber into our eyes. With time goes by, he left us with a plethora of magnificent works. So just use these 2 useful ways to download and enjoy his music freely.

Download Justin Bieber's music videos from YouTube

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