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Why Should I Pay for the Additional Plan?

The number of Sidify users has increased sharply in recent years. Among our users, there are plenty of music lovers who heavily rely on Sidify and convert tons of music almost every month.

It severely affects our normal services. For which, we’ve also got pressure from the third-party streaming media platform. The unlimited downloads has brought cost to our maintenance procedures.

Thus, the Additional Plan was put forward and adopted:

“Each user is entitled to download 5000 songs per month counting from the day when your subscription takes effect. If you reach the download limit, you can activate an Additional Plan to unlock it. Otherwise, you should wait until the next period to get another 5000 songs download.”

Notes: We’ve always stressed that our products are for personal use only. Please do not over-download songs if not necessary. If you do need to convert a lot of songs for personal use, please purchase an Additional Plan.